Top 10 Powerful Hair Dryers Review

Hair Dryer

Also known as blow dryers, hair dryers are somehow very essential for our everyday life. It is an electrical device that blows warm air to dry our hair faster as it helps to evaporate water. If you choose the right hair dryers, you will be able to use them for years. And the perfect option that you chose will not damage your hair as well. That is what we have to consider before buying hair dryers. Pick the powerful ones that work great without damaging our hair. We also have an ultimate hair dryers buying guide that you should read before getting one, so check it out.

Hair Dryers Buyer’s Guide

Picking the right hair dryers is very easy when you know what you want in that device. The features of the hair dryer as well as your hair type and texture matter in this context. There are a few main things that you have to know before buying a hair dryer, let’s take a look.


Things are extra spontaneous when you get a hair dryer with several detachable accessories. One useful and most common accessories are definitely the diffusers. They help to disperse the dryer’s airflow which keeps the pattern of curls intact. The diffusers also help to cut down on frizz as well. Another accessory is concentrator nozzle, it narrows and directs the flow of the air which gives greater control. This accessory is more common to use when users want to achieve sleek and polished styles.

Adjustable Heat

You should pick a hair dryer that comes with a few heat settings that you can select. In case your fine hair dries easily, lower heat can get the job done in a less damaging way. If you are in a hurry, you can go for higher heat so that you can dry your hair fast. The hair dryers with adjustable heat are very useful, and having one of them benefits a lot.

Hair Type

If you use hair dryer on a daily basis, you should consider your hair type first before buying one. Below is the tips on how to choose the right hair dryers for your hair type:

Thin Hair: Look for a hair dryer that uses ceramic or porcelain technology.

Fine Hair: Go for tourmaline hair dryers.

Thick Hair: Titanium hair dryers are the best choice for this hair type.

Natural Hair: Choose ceramic or porcelain technology hair dryers or ionic technology.

Frizzy Hair: Select hair dryers with multiple temperature settings.

Curly Hair: Get the hair dryers with diffuser.


We are talking about the level of wattage of the hair dryer that you want has. The high-wattage motor provides more wind power which dries your hair faster without exposing hair to excessive heat. If the motor is not strong enough, you will take more time to dry your hair. That also means more heat and less wind which equals to toasting your hair dry. Aim for hair dryer with a wattage of 1800 to 2000, that is the option that you want to have.


Imagine you have long or thick hair which takes quite some time to dry. If your hair dryer is heavy, it is not going to be a pleasant hair drying moment. Your arm is going to be numb, and you will get bored of drying your own hair. It doesn’t sound serious, but you will not be happy about it if you experience it every time. If it takes you more than 15 minutes to blow out your hair, go for the lighter model. The lightweight option also allows for convenience in portability as well since you can bring it along with easily.

Below we have a list of top 10 best and powerful hair dryers that you can take into consideration. Feel free to check them out, one of them might be your next favorite.


1. Nano Titanium Hair Dryer by BaByliss

With 2000 watts of power, this hair dryer is super powerful and fast to use. The power also combines with speed to dry your hair faster without damaging the hair. There are 6 levels of heat and speed settings that you can choose to dry and style your hair. It also comes with a concentrator nozzle to deliver a wide range of drying for you as well. Since it comes with ionic technology, it does not only dry your hair faster but also with less frizz.

That means it helps to reveal shiny and healthy looking hair which is simply great. This hair dryer is ideal for all hair types even with thick and coarse hair. Plus with the removable filter, you can easily clean it after use as well. This hair dryer is durable and lightweight for easy use, and it is a great option to have in mine.


  • Easy to use

  • Powerful yet quiet

  • Lightweight design

  • Works fast and efficient

  • Heavy duty and durable

  • Six heat and speed settings

  • Works with all types of hair


  • Highest heat can be a little too hot


2. Professional Hair Dryer by SalonPro

Want a hair dryer that is lightweight and easy to use? This is the perfect option that you might want to take a look at. This one is not only convenient to use but also very professional as well. It comes with the ceramic tourmaline and ionic technology that dry and restore your hair with maximum efficiency.

That is not all, it also comes with the slot-shaped removable concentrator for precision styling. There are 6 adjustable fan and heat settings that you can choose from. It is powerful yet soft on the hair, this hair dryer is one of the best options to consider. Not to mention the long lasting performance and durability, this hair dryer can be used for years.


  • Long cord

  • Precise styling

  • Dries hair quickly

  • Lightweight and durable

  • 6 adjustable heat settings

  • Reduces frizz and dull hair

  • 2 fan speed and 3 heat settings

  • Keeps the hair healthy and smooth


  • The temperature is not consistent


3. Ionic & Ceramic Hair Dryer by Parlux

Equipped with ceramic and ionic technology device, this hair dryer is the perfect elimination of static electricity of the hair. The awesome thing about it is that it dries the hair from inside out, leaving the external structure unharmed in the drying process. It is very powerful yet soft on the hair so that it leaves your hair smooth and shiny when it dries.

At the same time, it is very lightweight and ergonomic so that your hand won’t get tired using it at all. Not to mention its long cord, drying your hair will be very comfortable and convenient every time. The best part is the built-in silence that reduces noise while in operation so that you won’t have to worry about that at all. It also comes with 2 nozzles for more functional use, this one is simply great.


  • Quiet operation

  • Powerful and durable

  • Does not damage hair

  • Compact and easy to use

  • Does not leave frizz on hair

  • Eliminates static from the hair

  • Long lasting quality and performance


  • A little heavy


4. High Pressure Hair Dryer by BeautyCenter

Here we have a light high pressure dryer that produces a high flow of air that does not overheat. That means this hair dryer will not damage or harm your hair at all. The cool part about it is the seven switch combinations to deliver seven ranges of speed and temperature. On top of that, it even has the high quality heating element made of Swedish Kanthal wire for additional quality and performance.

This hair dryer fits great in hand, and it does not put pressure on your grip at all. That means you can use it as long as you like without hurting your hands even a bit. The best part is that it has great quality and durability that delivers long lasting performance that you can use for years. Plus with the stylish design, this one will not let you down at all.


  • Lightweight design

  • Compact and portable

  • Works fast and efficiently

  • Does not harm or damage hair

  • Lightweight and very easy to use

  • Different temperature & heat settings

  • Durable and long lasting performance


  • A little too small for salon use


5. Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer by Parlux

This hair dryer comes with the combination of awesomeness that you can trust and use. It is compact and lightweight yet powerful with its 2100 watts of power. This blow dryer has high performance motor that will deliver your hair the hot and powerful stream of hot air. On top of that, it features ceramic design which is a non-metallic material whose quality is durable and smooth for long term use.

Not to mention its natural source of negative ions as well as its ability to radiate far infrared heat. It retains and distributes heat efficiently so that your hair dries perfectly without damages. This hair dryer is also very portable so that you can bring along with easily. It works quickly and keeps your hair moist and shiny every time.


  • Very powerful

  • Works quietly and fast

  • Safe and healthy to use

  • Durable and lightweight

  • 4 temperature and 2 speeds

  • Works great with all hair types

  • Retains & distributes heat evenly


  • A bit heavy


6. Magnesium Blow Dryer by Ion

The unique magnesium function of this hair dryer allows it to deliver optimal heat for superior styling results. So magnesium is a natural element with incredible heat to achieve the perfect blowout. The feature is to make sure that your hair has the healthy looking after drying which is simply great. Apart from the healthy result, this blow dryer also heats fast to maintain a stable temperature and leave just the perfect result.

There are 3 heat and 2 speed settings that you can select for different types of hair and hairstyles. As you can see, the handle is so ergonomic it keeps your hand comfortable even during long use. This hair dryer is simple and easy to use, and many customers are happy with its performance.


  • Safe and healthy

  • Ergonomic design

  • Compact and portable

  • Different heat settings

  • Dual voltage capabilities

  • Delivers smooth hair result

  • Dries hair fast and efficiently


  • Makes the hair a little frizzy


7. Professional Hair Dryer by Twin Turbo

Don’t you worry with overheating when you have this hair dryer because that will never happen. This blow dryer comes with the built-in anti overheating device to make sure that the temperature is always perfect. This hair dryer is so powerful it delivers up to 60% faster drying compared to other dryers out there. There are 4 temperature settings that you can choose from along with a true cold air shot button. This is one is very simple and easy to use, and it is also super lightweight and ergonomic as well. This dryer comes with 4 colors that you can select among gray, black, pink, and purple. It is stylish and durable, and it might be your next favorite hair dryer so check it out.


  • Powerful and fast

  • Does not get overheat

  • 4 temperature settings

  • Easy and simple to use

  • Heavy duty and durable

  • Lightweight and ergonomic

  • Safe and healthy for many hair types

  • Delivers up to 2000 hours of drying time


  • A little bit bulky


8. Hair Blow Dryer With Negative Ionic by MONOMONO

With the unique shape design, this hair dryer will take your hair drying to the next fun level. This hair dryer comes with the u-shaped heating wire that generates heat evenly. That is to provide fast and precise hair dry without damaging your hair. At the same time, its ionic ceramic technology is added to release negative ions to reduce frizz while nourishing your hair.

There are 3 heat settings that you can select among hot, warm, and cool for different hair types and styles. The best part about this hair dryer is that is comes with the double protection to prevent overheat. That means your hair will always be safe from damage every time you use it. Not to mention the removable filter that prevents your hair from getting sucked into the dryer and for easy cleanup. This one definitely gives professional results and performance always for you.


  • Powerful AC motor

  • Generates even heat

  • Makes the hair smooth

  • Delivers fast hair drying

  • Compact and ergonomic

  • High torque and high speeds

  • Protection against overheating


  • A little bit difficult to work with super long hair


9. Ultimate Hair Dryer by Remington

With 14 controllable heat and speed settings, there is nothing that this hair dryer can’t do. That means there is a setting for every hair type that you can choose, how cool is that? It can blow dry all types of hair at any length very fast which is simply perfect. Also, you can control all the temperature and speed of the airflow of this dryer with a simple control panel.

On top of that, it even has the cool shot function that allows for easy styling as well. The cool part is the ionic conditioning that releases the negative ions to reduce frizz from your hair. And don’t you worry about the loud noise that most hair dryers make, this one works with low noise. It is stylish and compact, and this is one of the best hair dryers that you should consider.


  • Long cord

  • Quiet operation

  • Powerful air flow

  • Ionic conditioning

  • Fast drying and styling

  • Perfect for everyday use

  • 14 heat and speed settings


  • It is a little heavy


10. Professional Hair Dryer by Turbo Power

The professional design of this hair dryer allows you to use it with ease and comfort. It is so powerful it dries your hair fast which is time saving and extra healthy for the hair. There are 4 temperature settings and 2 speed settings that you can choose from different hair and styles. The great part is that it comes with anti-overheating device to make sure that your hair is safe.

At the same time, it also has a removable stainless steel filter for easy cleaning as well. Plus with its ergonomic handle, blow drying your hair every day will be very simple. It is lightweight and easy to hold, and its performance is awesome. Compact and convenient, this is the hair dryer that you might want to check out.


  • Dries hair fast

  • Easy to clean

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Powerful and durable

  • Easy and simple to use

  • Lightweight and compact


  • Some customers think the cord is not long enough


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